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Big Desert - Sunset Country

This region of Victoria is a 4wd experience that encompasses everything from hard clay tracks to very soft sand driving; with many bog holes to bees. Some areas are quite remote and you may not see anyone all day then be confronted with a convoy of 4wd’s from a local club or various families driving their way around the many tracks. There are several campsites, many with toilets and water set up by rangers and monitored on a regular basis. You will cross open plains, claypans, country roads to demanding sand dunes with the occasional small township within the vacinity. There are the salt lakes at Rocket Lake and the Pink Lakes, including Lake Albacutya that remind you of the dry, harsh environment that is typical of this region, not to mention several ancient lake beds and swamps you track through. This is an amazing location shrouded in wildflowers during spring and offering ecosystems unique with wildlife.

Unique Visual Reference

For the traveller & Explorer

The Sectioned Maps will help you find everything of interest along the Track and point out potential road cautions in advance, supported by visual references, for the benefit of your safety. All Regional Roads and Public Access Routes. Full colour throughout. Colour coded track information indicating dips, crests, creek crossings, floodways, sharp bends, grids, gates, bogs, homestead tracks, historic sites. Photographic views, geographic locations, towns and services. 

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