These tracks guides cover a vast majority of the Central Australian Outback and offer the traveller an abundance of information to safely navigate their way through any of these areas and see what it is that makes the Outback a truly magic location. 

The maps have enlarged track sections with regional roads and public access roads.


For the traveller and explorer in us, these track guides provide a unique visual reference for both novice and experienced individuals, families and groups. Using photography, track notes and mapping, the Outback Travellers Track Guide is a companion to sheet maps, offering a closer look at what is out there, where to find it and how to get there safely.

With the aid of sectioned, colour coded track information, cautions along the track are brought to your attention to help...

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Trip and Vehicle Preparation is an essential ingredient towards having an enjoyable and well-organised trip into the outback regions of Australia. Knowing how to use your equipment is paramount. 

We have put together a few tips on how best to prepare a trip to the Australian outback. Tips include preparing and loading your 4WD; obtaining maps and how to study them; taking care of your tyres; important communications equipment and more...

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* We are currently out of stock with 'The Pilbara' map guides. Sorry for any inconvenience.