About Design Interaction

I first registered and established ‘Design Interaction’ in 1993.

This was a home based business structured on ‘Print Media’ artwork production using an Apple Mac Environment. During this time, some specialist personnel worked with me to develop a working relationship with Industry, Corporate and Government sources.

Over the years, Design Interaction had built up a number of key clients and dealt with a range of production including: brochures and pamphlets; corporate image & logo design; calendars; catalogues; business stationery; posters, banners & signage; newsletters; booklets; advertisements; point of sale promotions; annual reports; label design & swing tags.

In 2005, a new direction with Map Guide production changed the characteristics of the business, with a focus almost entirely on mapping the Outback of Australia.

A marriage of Graphic Design, 4 Wheel driving and Navigation skills now allowed a purpose in production geared on a personal ambition and a major challenge.

It took six months of leg work, design development, research and countless telephone calls to create the product image, layout and content.

The production was supported by Sponsors and Advertisers and like any new product had to gain credibility and establish itself over time. I enrolled the services of four Distributors for an Australia wide deployment and sought out numerous sources directly. I had a website developed and sales generated from there as well.

'The Outback Travellers Track Guide' has now made an impact throughout Australia and many have been sold overseas. We joined the IMTA and have displayed our map guides at conferences and trade shows in Queensland, Victoria and in Portugul. The map guides have Sponsored 4WD TV and been promoted in 4x4 Australia and 4WD Action magazines. Our books are still new on the market, but are breaking new ground consistently. Our map data has been sought by key mapping businesses and our map guides have provided 100% positive feedback from purchasers.